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История, география, краеведение

Естествознание и философия

Песни и романсы

Фотографии и рисунки

"temnyj les" ("Dark forest") magazine website
poems, prose, drama, local history, natural science, philosophy

The magazine "temnyj les" ("Dark Forest") has been published by Yuri Nasimovich since 1969. Website exists since 2009, and at the current address - from 2016.

Besides magazine issues site contains:

Since we has been cooperating for many years with "Literary Kislovodsk" - a magazine that has long become All-Russian which has repeatedly published our authors but not having their own site, it’s natural that we have pages:

The largest section of the site Besides magazine issues books and articles by Yuri Nasimovich and co-authors on natural science and local lore Moscow and the Moscow region. It includes, among other things, books. "Rivers, lakes and ponds of Moscow" (containing detailed descriptions of all eight hundred rivers and rivers flowing or flowing through the territory of Moscow), "History of Moscow Regional Botany", as well as many dozens of local history essays on selected districts of Moscow and the Moscow region. Other major sections of the site:

The initiator of the creation of the site was Alla Konstantinovna Entina (1940-2016); so one of the first sections of the site was page of the ensemble MIRALAN, led by A.K. Entina

The site does not provide an opportunity to leave comments, but this can be done on our facebook page.


Site editor - Ilja Miklaszewski.



Peering into the 21st Century: Mega-History and its "Mysterious Singularity"

I. Gohberg, M.S. Livsic, I. Piatetski-Shapiro. David Milman (1912-1982)

David Milman - list of publications

Facsimile of David Milman's Ph.D. thesis "Method of extreme points and centre instances"

Vladimir Milman. I Wish You Love, a feature film by Svetlana Koseniv

Vitali Milman. Notes From My life (the pdf-file)

Vitali Milman. Short Stories (in pdf format)

Vitali Milman. Passion for Art  (in pdf format)

Vitali Milman. Consciousness of the Animals. Life and Consciousness. Observations on Traditions  (in pdf format)

Vyacheslav Yanovsky. curriculum vitae

Darya Medvedeva. Travelling around the Russian South

Darya Medvedeva. Travelling around Ukraine

Darya Medvedeva. Travelling to Solovki

Darya Medvedeva. The museum of N.K. Roerich



Photos of Kislovodsk and surroundings

Photo album "The appearance of Kislovodsk in the past"

Sergey Smailiev. Photos

Evgeny Briginevich. Photos of Kislovodsk

Asha Chokerbali. Photos of Kislovodsk Park

Ilja Miklaszewski. Photos of Kislovodsk Park

Alexey Travkin. Photos of the surroundings of the sanatorium "Elbrus"

Lubov Traiduk. Kislovodsk and surroundings (photo album)

Illustrations for the article by L. Traiduk "CAUCASUS - MOSCOW - PARIS: Henri Troyat - service to two Homelands"

Illustrations for the article by L. Traiduk "Kislovodsk Pearl"

Illustrations for the article by L. Traiduk "The architects Bernardazzi"

Illustrations for the article by L. Traiduk "A diamond in the architectural crown of Kislovodsk"

Illustrations for the guidebook by Vyacheslav Yanovsky "The North Caucasus from Adygea to Dagestan"


Kuban Valley

Chegem Valley


Gunib (Dagestan)

Photos of Moscow region

Literary Moscow region (by M. Gar)

Museums near Moscow (by M. Gar)

Swamps near Moscow (by M. Gar)

Zvenigorod (by M. Gar)

Kozino village (Odintsovsky District) (by M. Gar)

Islavskoye village (Odintsovsky District) (by M. Gar)

Uspenskoye village and Nikolina Gora holiday village (Odintsovsky District) (by M. Gar)

Ubory village (Odintsovsky District) (by M. Gar)

Mozzhinka mountains near Zvenigorod

Tushino (North-Western district of Moscow) (by M. Gar)

Aleshkinsky forest (North-Western district of Moscow) (by M. Bakulina)

The vicinity of the Yauza river (Moscow) (by I. Yudina)

Photos of Hatun village

Stupinsky District, Moscow Region

Khatun and surroundings photos

Photos of Stupinsky District (by M. Gar)

Illustrations for the book by V.N. Kalenov "History of the Khatun Volost"


Drawings by Eugene Keneman

Photos and drawings by Olga Taller

Watercolors by Olga Taller (p. 1)

Watercolors by Olga Taller (p. 2)

Watercolors by Olga Taller (p. 3)

Kislovodsk in drawings by Alexei Travkin

Pictures by Alexei Travkin

Illustrations for the story "The Coast" by Stanislav Podolsky



in mp3 format

Galina Ditsman's songs

Mikhail Chegodaev's songs

Anatoly Pereslegin's songs

Sings Tatiana Rubanskaya

Songs of Victoria Dobrozhanskaya to poems by the Silver Age poets

The program "Russian Romance" (sings Andrei Lavreshnikov)

The program "When the lights come on" (sings Andrei Lavreshnikov)

The program "My happiness" (sings Andrei Lavreshnikov)



Numbers of the "Temnyj les"

Pages of Yuri Nasimovich

Pages of the authors of the "Temnyj les"

Pages of our friends

Literary Kislovodsk and surroundings

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Site Map

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History, geography, local lore

Natural science and philosophy

Songs and romances

Photos and drawings


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